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Kalamazoo Metro Ridesharing is a ride matching service that allows commuters to find carpool, vanpool, transit, or bike options to get around Kalamazoo County and Southwest Michigan.

Signing up has its benefits, including FREE carpool and vanpool matching services, transit information, and tips on how to save money on commuting to and from work or around town.

By registering and tracking your carpool/vanpool/transit/bike trips, you can also earn points towards fun gift certificates and monthly drawings.  

Gift certificates are going on right now and include some great local businesses in the Kalamazoo area!

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Employers can offer smart commuting options to employees to help get them to work.  By helping with providing carpool, vanpool, bus and bike options, employees can get back and forth to work with others while saving money!

Register and start commuting smart and earning rewards!

For more information on Kalamazoo Metro Ridesharing's services: (269) 342-7433    Toll-free 1-877-951-POOL

Contact us by email to receive more information.

You must be 18 or older to participate in this program.

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16,221 miles of shared commutes $2,569 money saved 508 gallons fuel saved
8 lbs NOx saved 100.1 lbs CO saved9,988 lbs green house gases saved

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