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Riding the bus in the Kalamazoo area is easy and fun!

Where does the bus go?
Go to www.KMetro.com and click on Track My Bus or Plan My Trip.  This takes you to the routes that serve the Kalamazoo area.   Clicking on the Routes button will show in real-time where the bus is currently.  Metro buses run Monday - Friday 6am-12am, Saturday 6am-10pm and Sunday 8am-6pm (check schedules as times vary by route).  Registering with Kalamazoo Metro Ridesharing services at www.KMetroRide.com will also help you plan your bus trips around the Kalamazoo area.

I don't know which bus to get on in my neighborhood.
Select Trip Planner to enter your beginning and ending destination.  Be sure to enter the complete address (such as Kalamazoo, Michigan) so that the map provides you with accurate information.

Once you have added your information, select Plan Trip.  A map will be displayed that will show the bus route in your area to take you to your destination.

I don't know how to ride the bus.
Don't worry!  Riding the bus is as easy as:
1.  Finding the bus route that you want to use.
2.  Arriving at the bus stop prior to the bus getting to your stop.
3.  Once the bus arrives, wave at the driver for a stop.
4.  Pay the fare as you enter the bus.  Fare information is available here.  Be sure to have exact change!
5.  Have a seat and enjoy the ride.
6.  When you arrive at your destination, pull the rope located near your seat.  The driver will stop the bus.

For an information video on riding the bus, Click Here.  

Still want help learning how to ride the bus?  Contact us, and we'll get you in touch with someone who can help!

For help with registering or questions about riding transit, please call (269) 342-7433 or toll-free at 1-877-951-7665.  

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