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Free Employer Services Are Available!

Employer Benefits Employee Benefits
Increased employee productivity Increased job satisfaction
Improved employee morale Significant commuting cost savings
Expanded hiring opportunities Increased productivity
Improved recruitment and retention of employees Flexibility to manage work and family life schedule
Reduced absenteeism Reduced absenteeism
More available parking Reduced traffic congestion
Reduced traffic congestion Reduced car maintenance
Improved air quality Improved air quality

Kalamazoo Metro Ridesharing offers employers free transportation to work services for their employees.  

The services include: 

Marketing materials customized to your work site.  The free materials include flyers, signs, and other promotional items. We can even attend work place events, such as health fairs and employee benefit workshops.  

Working with employees to sign them up to receive potential carpool and vanpool matches within the company.  The matches provide contact information provided by the employee based on their application.  There is no requirement for them to join a carpool or vanpool.  This is a great way for employees to see who they could potentially carpool or vanpool to work with in order to save time and money.  Consider giving your carpool and vanpool employees the prime parking spot in your parking lot as a reward for sharing the ride!

Vanpooling set-up.  Vanpooling with groups is a great way to get large numbers of employees to work, especially if they travel a long distance to the workplace.  We work with the employees to find a common point to pick-up and drop-off and find a volunteer driver among those in the vanpool. Enterprise Ridesharing supplies the vehicles, with the monthly cost including maintenance as part of the vanpool program.   

Transit information.   Bus brochures and training on how to use the bus is available to employers along the Metro bus system.  Metro provides safe, convenient routes throughout Kalamazoo.  As an employer, you can provide incentives to your employees to use the bus by rewarding bus riders with gift certificates and other perks.  Contact Kalamazoo Metro Ridesharing for more ideas.

Helping bicycling workers find commuter routes.  The bike network in Kalamazoo is growing, and using a bicycle to get to work is a great, healthy alternative to driving to work.  We can provide information on bike routes and ideas on how to improve the workplace for bike commuters.

Contact Kalamazoo Metro Ridesharing at (269) 342-7433 or toll-free at 1-877-951-POOL or email us to set-up a time to get your program started!